Classification of ball valves


Functional classification 1. Bypass valve: The ball val […]

Functional classification
1. Bypass valve: The ball valve is generally opened by static water, so the bypass valve is first pressed, that is, both sides are filled with water;
2, air valve: when filling the water, remove the air to take the float to close the valve; when draining, add air, the float will drop by itself;
3. Pressure relief valve: When opening and closing the valve, the pressure water between the valve and the sealing cover is excluded to avoid wearing the sealing cover;
4. Drainage valve: discharges the sewage in the lower part of the ball housing.
Transmission classification
1, pneumatic ball valve
2, electric ball valve
3, hydraulic ball valve
4, gas-liquid ball valve
5, electro-hydraulic ball valve
6, turbine drive ball valve