Pressure limiting valve


Pressure limiting valve function: 1. The function of th […]

Pressure limiting valve function:
1. The function of the pressure limiting device is that when the pressure in the pot reaches the working pressure during the heating process, the pressure limiting valve is exhausted through the venting hole to prevent the pressure from continuing to rise, and the purpose of cooking is achieved, and an anti-blocking cover is arranged under the pressure limiting valve. To prevent food from clogging the pressure limiting vent;
2. The safety pressure protection device is often a fusible piece type. When the pressure exceeds the working pressure and the pressure limiting valve is not working due to clogging of the vent hole or other reasons, the fusible piece is fused and ventilated when the pressure is not more than twice the working pressure, avoiding The pressure cooker is damaged, thus protecting the safety of the user. Nowadays, the safety pressure protection device of many pressure cookers has been changed to a spring structure, and when the pressure rises, the spring is exhausted, which also acts as a pressure relief.