What should I do if the control valve sleeve is blocked?


Control valve internal structure section During the pro […]

Control valve internal structure section During the production process, the valve sleeve of the intelligent control valve is blocked due to water quality, scaling, etc., and the valve sleeve must be removed for cleaning. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.
Because there is no special tool, when removing the valve sleeve, you need to use the pipe wrench to bite the outer edge of the inner valve sleeve to rotate, then unscrew the inner valve sleeve, and then use the inner hook to take out the outer valve sleeve.
 Since the outer edge of the inner valve sleeve extends only 6mm, when the pipe wrench bit deforms, it can only be taken out by welding. The operation of this method has the following problems: First, the safety factor is low, second, it is easy to cause the control valve to be scrapped, and third, the working process is time-consuming and laborious, increasing labor costs. In order to solve the above problems, a special tool for removing the valve sleeve of the control valve was developed in combination with the actual production. The special tool for taking out the valve sleeve of the regulating valve consists of inserting the jack, jack, impact hammer, nut, and pull rod.
(1) Insert the top tube. The maximum outer diameter of the jacking tube is 23.5mm, the smallest outer diameter is 21mm, the inner diameter is 13mm, the total length is 145mm, and the length of the screw is 21mm. Three steel balls with a diameter of 6mm are installed in the lower part, which are used together with the top rod and the lifting rod.
 (2) Jack. The ejector rod is 114mm long, the outer diameter is 12mm, and the lower part is tapered. It is used with the inserted ejector tube.
(3) Impact hammer. The impact hammer has a length of 86mm, an outer diameter of 40mm, and an inner diameter of 22mm.
(4) Lift the lever. The total length of the pull rod is 250mm, the outer diameter is 21mm, and it has an inner mouth coupling. It is used in conjunction with the insertion of the top tube and the impact hammer. The upper part has an external thread.
(5) Nut. General universal nuts are installed on the lifting rod. How to use the tool: Insert the jacking tube under the valve seat through the inner adjusting valve sleeve; insert the jacking rod to make the steel ball of the jacking tube pop out, and then tighten the jacking tube compression screw to ensure that the steel is in use The ball does not bounce back; then connect the lifting rod to the insertion jack, install the impact hammer and nut, and use the up and down vibration of the impact hammer to take out the valve seat and valve sleeve of the regulating valve. The special tool is used in the field, and the card expansion mechanism in the steel ball is reliable, and there is no drop out.