How to open the gas meter valve?


There are also several types of natural gas meters. One […]

There are also several types of natural gas meters. One is an ordinary gas meter, that is, no battery is allowed, and only a mechanical counter is provided. Then there is no valve in this meter. If you want to turn off the gas, you must use gas. Valve before or after the table.
The other is an intelligent gas meter with a liquid crystal display. Valves must be installed. Generally, this meter is prepaid. Then there is a valve inside this meter. In the case that there is remaining gas in your meter, The valve is always open. If there is no remaining gas in the meter, the valve will close automatically. At this time you must recharge to open the valve, and if you really need to close the valve, you can remove the battery. At this time, the valve in the meter will also close.
There are two situations of alarm: 1. Leak 2. False alarm.
If no leak is found after self-inspection, it is a false positive.
There are two general causes of false positives:
1. The air in the place is mixed with methane (the cooking wine used for cooking will volatilize a small amount of methane), the probe sensitivity is too high.
2. Equipment problem (the service life has expired or the equipment is broken). If your situation is that the gas shut-off valve does not automatically cut off the gas after the alarm, and you can continue to use it, please call the natural gas company to replace the alarm components. If the valve automatically closes after the alarm, you can use it normally after you open the valve manually, please Initially check whether there is a gas leak in the home. The method is to hear whether there is a sound of air flow, whether there is an odor in the nose, and to check whether there is air bubbles after applying soap and water. Do not try to open the fire if there is a leak. Window ventilation, contact gas company for help.
When the gas meter valve is closed, you need to find the gas card supporting the gas meter, insert it into the corresponding card slot of the gas meter, wait for a while, and wait for the gas meter to make a squeaking sound. At this time, if the gas card has a balance, the gas The gauge valve will automatically open. If the balance in the gas card has been used up, you need to recharge the card and re-insert it into the table.